Monday, January 30, 2012

in the pink...and red

I love the combination of pink and red. It can be disarming in it's richness and yet beautifully balanced when done right.
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it is popping up everywhere.

Things I didn't but today: 

Bottega Veneta hobo, $3680

 Definitely in my dreams..LOVING the braided leather detail.

Jonathan Adler sunglasses case, $40

I love Jonathan Adler. I saw him speak once and he definitely looks at the world through rose colored glasses and wishes others could, too.

Stella McCartney sandals, $1025

I saw these and GASPED. I can't get over how pretty they are and then you add the rocker acrylic heel. LOVE them!

Tieshe scarf, $175

Scarves are definitely my thing. I wear them year round and love their versatility. I can't decide what I love more about this the colorway or the tie-dye. So gorgeous.

MARC by Marc Jacobs, $520

This is bag is really ladylike and the colors are like a giant exclamation point that takes it to the next level.

Caribbean Swirl sunhat, $48


I love that this hat is very fashion-y and yet the colors add whimsy.

Total: "$5488"

images courtesy of pintrest

Thursday, January 26, 2012

candy girl

With the countdown to Valentine's Day upon us my sweet tooth is awakening. Here are some candy colored baubles and such to get you in the mood...

Things I didn't buy today:

Cafe Capri, $89.50

I don't know about you but I love a good capri pant. These come in an array of colors and I am partial to the hot pink.

Monte Carlo pillow, $98.00

I adore Jonathan Adler's needlepoint pillows. I bought one of the astrological sign ones for our son, Leo. Love the modern twist on what could have been a lost art.

Danielle Earring in blue agate, $60.00

If you don't know Kendra Scott, you must. Her jewelry is customizable in a myriad of colors and at a great price point. She uses semi-precious stones like this gorgeous blue agate.

Matinee Trench, $178.00

 I LOVE this trench in a color they call "modern red" but looks like orange to me. Orange is rapidly becoming one of my go-to colors.

Gumdrop pendants in aqua, lemon and pink, $120, each

I think these are too cute. They would be great singularly or in triplicate hanging in a playroom or to add a pop of color to a more neutral decor.

Sailor Stripe Scarf, $148

I am a sucker for stripes. And in YELLOW and WHITE I am in LOVE!

Ostrich pillow, $255

Perfection. SIGH...

Krausnick necklace, $328

I am really diggin this necklace that strikes me as having a rocker/preppy vibe. Anyone else feeling it?

Total: "1330.50"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

shades of grey

The beauty of the crisp white snow has faded to grey. Some find it dreary but I happen to love grey. To me it is calming and serene. I never tire of it.

Things I didn't buy today:

Favored treatment bathmat, $38

My feet would thank me dearly if I stepped out of the shower onto this.

Felix Satchel, $108

A close friend of mine just bought this bag. Amazing style and construction. Great price point.

Cece studded ballet flat, $138

Loving the detail on these flats. The studs kick it up a notch.

Luke Stephenson photo, $2400

This is a striking photo in it's simplicity. While it has a hefty price tag, that is for a rather large print. 20 x 200 is a great source for emerging artists and there are many affordable options of original artworks.

Archive boot, $298

I have a short heeled version of these. They are classic and I love them in grey. 

Zig Zag rug, $74

Who doesn't love a chevron rug? So "of the moment" and you can't beat the price.

Total: "$3056"

*images courtesy of lonny, pintrest

Monday, January 23, 2012

white out


Our first winter snow this weekend has me wanting to surround myself in all things white.
Here are a few goodies to support the cause...

Bottega Veneta clutch, $1380

I first saw Meryl Streep carrying this bag in lavender in the movie It's Complicated.
In ivory it is BEYOND.

Crystal-Clear Trinket Box, $150

I am also obsessed with all things lucite. And with crystal?!! LOVE.

RENS Sheepskin throw, $29.99

I have long coveted these reasonably priced throws for my Emeco navy kitchen chairs that prove to be a bit nippy on the backside during winter.

Georgine Heels, $235

Not exactly snow shoes but they would be dreamy for a night out on the town.

Pear and Freesia Candle, $65

I was gifted perfume in this scent for Christmas. It is the perfect combination of floral and fruity and not too overpowering.

Tibetan Goat Rug, $895

This screams pure luxury.

Today's total: "2734.99"

*images courtesy of pintrest