Tuesday, January 24, 2012

shades of grey

The beauty of the crisp white snow has faded to grey. Some find it dreary but I happen to love grey. To me it is calming and serene. I never tire of it.

Things I didn't buy today:

Favored treatment bathmat, $38

My feet would thank me dearly if I stepped out of the shower onto this.

Felix Satchel, $108

A close friend of mine just bought this bag. Amazing style and construction. Great price point.

Cece studded ballet flat, $138

Loving the detail on these flats. The studs kick it up a notch.

Luke Stephenson photo, $2400

This is a striking photo in it's simplicity. While it has a hefty price tag, that is for a rather large print. 20 x 200 is a great source for emerging artists and there are many affordable options of original artworks.

Archive boot, $298

I have a short heeled version of these. They are classic and I love them in grey. 

Zig Zag rug, $74

Who doesn't love a chevron rug? So "of the moment" and you can't beat the price.

Total: "$3056"

*images courtesy of lonny, pintrest

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